We are looking for a part-time LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) to join our growing home care services who is experienced in nursing, with emphasis on community health education/experience to meet the needs of individuals and families within their home and communities. The position is flexible and you will be able to control your schedule.

Duties of Position

  1. Provides skilled nursing care under the direct supervision of the Registered Nurse.
  2. Performs selected skilled actions in the provision of curative, rehabilitative, palliative or preventative nursing care.
  3. Is responsible and accountable for making decisions that are based on the individual’s nursing experience and educational preparation.

Position Responsibilities

  1. Assists the Registered Nurse in carrying out the plan of care.
  2. Assists the Registered Nurse in performing specialized procedures as directed by the Registered Nurse under physician’s orders.
  3. Assists with preparation. Implementation and continuing evaluation of the client care plan.
  4. Recognizes and understands the effects of social and economic problems upon clients and provides for the emotional and physical comfort and safety of clients.
  5. Helps teach the patient the appropriate self-care techniques.
  6. Fosters cooperative effort among personnel by understanding the functions of other persons involved in client care and by active participation in team and staff conferences.
  7. Assumes responsibility for personal and vocational growth and development through active participation in nursing organizations and participating in in-service programs and other on the job learning.
  8. Prepares clinical and progress notes (not to include admission)
  9. Observes, records, and reports to the appropriate person patient symptoms, reactions and changes including:
    1. The general physical and mental condition of clients and signs and symptoms which may be indicative of untoward changes.
    2. Stresses in human relationships between the clients and staff personnel and between clients and their families visitors.
  10. Observes, records, and reports to appropriate person the general physical and mental condition of clients and signs and symptoms which may be indicative of changes in condition.
  11. Assists with the rehabilitation of clients according to the medical care plan by encouraging the interests and special aptitudes of the client and encouraging clients to help themselves using their own capabilities.
  12. Further assists in rehabilitation by reporting any abnormality in the client’s range of motion, body mechanics or body alignment.
  13. Actively participates in nursing organizations and promotes and participates in in –service programs.
  14. Takes call and weekend roatation with visits.

Job Conditions

  1. The ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing is required.
  2. The ability to access clients’ homes which may not be routinely wheel chair accessible is required.
  3. Hearing, eye sight, and physical dexterity must be sufficient to perform a physical assessment of the client’s condition and to perform client care.
  4. Physical activities will include walking, sitting, stooping, and standing and minimal to maximum lifting of clients and the turning of clients.


  1. Graduation from accredited School of Practical Nursing.
  2. Must be licensed in the State as a Licensed Practical Nurse.
  3. Must be able to pass a background check
  4. Must be able to pass a drug screen.